Hot tub 6-wire wifi controller


hottubmanager controller unit

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This is my 6-wire hot tub controller unit, for full details visit

This unit connects to your existing Bestway or Lay-Z-Spa and allows you to control and monitor it from your phone either at home or away.

This is the 6-wire version.

It allows you to:

  • View current temperature
  • View heater and water pump state
  • Be notified of errors immediately
  • Set water pump on or off
  • Set heaters and temperature to heat to
  • Switch air/bubble pump on or off
  • Ignore timeout/END state so it will run without shutting off

Easy to self-fit, remove the top cover and plug into the existing plugs.


NOTE – Terms and conditions of sale: This is a development product, it may have unexpected results or may not function correctly with your hottub, we have tested with as many units as possible however some newer models are totally untested. Purchasing is accepting this condition of sale and should the unit be unable to control your hottub you can return the product and receive a refund minus delivery costs.

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